Riding A Horse: A Beginners Guide


It is great to understand the best way to care for the basic health of your horse before you begin taking Beginner Horseback Riding Lessons. Here you’ll find some horse care tips geared toward the rider.

All animals need the same fundamental medical care to remain in the optimum state, although you can get a variety of horse riders with different riding styles. All animals need the appropriate feeding, grooming, exercise and routine check-ups out of your veterinarian so that you can remain in top condition.

Feeding – Appropriate nutrition is significant to keep healthy & a horse happy. Your horse wants excellent quality hay and grain daily. Your veterinarian can let you know what feed is best for the horse and how much. The type of food is determined by age, strain, his size, and activity level. Fresh water should be an essential part of the diet of your horse. Before taking beginner horseback riding lessons, be sure to feed your horse.

Dressing – Horses must frequently be groomed, preferably daily which will keep his skin and coat healthy. Regular grooming ensures that no foreign objects get caught in his hooves, and your horse’s feet remain free of disorder.


Horses should get daily exercise. Playing in a paddock is good, also. His bone strength can be reduced as time passes if your horse will not get the appropriate amount of exercise. So, love when you are taking beginner horseback riding lessons horsing around.

Routine Check Ups – Develop a client relationship with an experienced veterinarian before a crisis scenario. Your link is accomplished by regular health visits by a doctor. Ensure their teeth are examined one or more times annually. Your doctor also needs to make sure your horse is present with all vaccinations. You should trim the hooves frequently. Contact an experienced farrier (horseshoer) to do that. Be sure you clean and assess the feet often (when you dress the horse).

Following and understanding through these basic horse health help will ensure that the horse is healthy and happy.